Angela Senior Memorial Award



Angela Senior was born on August 13th 1958 in Spanish Town St Catherine to proud parents Gloria Cameron and Albert Senior. Angela’s life was nurtured by her loving grandmother, Aunt May who taught her the importance of first loving the Lord with all her heart, being kind and caring to others, being excellent in all that she does and finding a need and filling that need. Angela embraced those words of wisdom and throughout her life they were her mantra by which she lived her life even up to the time of her passing contributing to other’s lives were evident in all she did.

From Angela’s days in primary school including her time at Dinthill she would be the initiator, choreographer and leader in every performance happening on campus. She was the captain of Dinthill’s Easter House and managed to keep the football, cricket and track team united. As a friend recalls this was no easy task with all the egos of the champion teams of 1976. Angela was also the captain of the Cultural Theatre of Spanish Town mentored by Oliver Samuels fellow DTHS alumni and the Honorable Carlton Jackie Guy.


Angela’s warm and caring personality made it easy for both the younger students and her classmates to confide in her or to ask for advice. As a prefect she would often be seen assisting the younger students with school work, financial aid for lunch or just a shoulder to lean on. She was a friend indeed to anyone who needed help. Her artistic talents rivaled only by her academic achievements which never took a back seat to her passion for the arts.

Angela was a star student at Crescent Primary School and continued academic excellence here at Dinthill Technical High School, where she graduated with honors in June 1976. She earned her degree in Accounting at the College of Arts, Science and Technology and was employed by Price Water House Accounting Firm in Kingston. Angela married her high school sweet heart Michael Williams and they had a daughter, her only child, Tannese Williams the apple of her parent’s eyes.

Angela migrated to the United States in 1980 where she worked in theatre in off Broadway plays. She eventually settled in New Jersey where she worked as an Executive Secretary to the partners at KPMG Tax and Auditing Firm in Short Hills, New Jersey for 12 years.

Her passion for helping others still guided her and her grandmother’s words of wisdom on filling a need prevailed so she returned to school and became a certified massage and reiki therapist. In true Angela entrepreneurial spirit she owned and operated the Tranquil Massage and Bodyworks Center which gave her the opportunity to respond to the body and soul of others. Angela instilled the guiding principles that were passed down from her grandmother to her daughter Tannese and her grandchildren Joshua and Natalie. Her passing on December 6, 2012, did not extinguish her name or her one of her life’s passion of helping others.

Today her name and work lives on through her daughter Tannese in the Angela Michelle Day Spa opened by her daughter in June 2013.

The creation of the Angela Senior Memorial Award serves as another way in assisting students of this great school who exhibits a commitment to excellence in academics and the arts while living life with integrity. This was Angela’s dream and today we are fulfilling her dream. I am sure she is smiling down on us today in agreement. God bless you all.