a) Any person who attended Dinthill for the purpose of pursuing a formal academic education, was registered under his name for a minimum of one school year, for day, evening or night instruction during any period of Dinthill existence shall be eligible as a regular member.

b) Membership shall not be determined on geographic boundaries, year of graduation, class, sex, race, religion or ethnic origin.

c) Annual dues shall be $40.00.

d) An annual due shall be subject to change at the beginning of any year after it has been reviewed by the Board and, approved by the general membership.

e) Treasurer shall notify members before the Annual General Meeting of any arrears in dues. The dues shall be paid before voting at the Annual General Meeting.

f) Any Member who is in arrears at the time of voting, on the day of the Annual General Meeting shall be automatically excluded from voting. Payment of dues on the day of the Annual General Meeting shall be in cash only.

g) Membership dues in arrears shall be for the current year only, and shall not accumulate yearly.

h) Only members who are in good financial standing shall be allowed to vote or hold office. A member in good  financial standing shall mean one who has paid all outstanding annual membership dues.

i) At the end of the year, the Membership Chairperson and the Treasurer shall prepare an alphabetical list of members who are in good financial standing.

This list shall be posted and shall be the official voting list for the Annual
General Meeting.

j) The list of members in good standing shall be forwarded to the Correspondence Secretary each month and also shall be available for the Annual General Meeting.

k) No member, director or officer shall benefit from the net earnings of the Association; except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Association.


Classes of Membership

a) Honorary Members

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an adult who shall have rendered notable service to the Association. The nomination of the honoree shall be made by the President and seconded from the floor. This shall be confirmed by the Board. A honorary member shall have none of the obligations of membership, but shall be entitled to all privileges except those of making motions, of voting and of holding office.

b) Associate Members
An Associate member shall be admitted to the Association with the approval of the Board.An Associate Member shall be one who did not attend Dinthill. Such member shall be one whose social and educational philosophy is compatible with the policies and purpose of the association. In addition he shall be interested in participating in the programs and affairs of the Association.

Associate Members shall have all the obligations and responsibilities as regular member except that they shall not hold office.

c) Regular Members
A regular member shall submit names of prospective associate members to the membership Chairperson who shall ask the Board for approval.