• The scholarship is open to dependent children of alumni who are actively engaged in theNY Chapter Alumni Association.

  • Active member in the New York Chapter must have paid dues for the past two years including the year that the scholarship is being considered.

  • Active member must have attended at least 50 % of monthly meetings per calendar year and be involved in the core activities of the Association – active participation in committee and fundraising activities.

  • The applicant must also be a high school graduating senior who is enrolling in an accredited College or University.



  • The scholarship shall be funded and administered by the NY Chapter of Dinthill Technical High School Alumni Association.

  • The amount of the scholarship shall be a one-time disbursement of $500. However, the Association reserves the right to adjust the amount of the award in a given year based on the availability of funds, the amount of qualified applicants in a given year, the recommendation/discretion of the Education Committee, and Board’s approval.



  • Application must be sent to the chairperson of the Education Committee and be post marked or emailed no later than the last day of the month of May of the given year.

  • That application must specify the name of the paid-up member, the name of the applicant (dependent child), the institution that the child will be attending, the high school graduating from, and the field of major/interest.