March 10, 2017


Dinthill Technical’s Richard Dixon Breaks the central champs 200 meters record with a blistering run of 20.70 Second at the GC foster complex.  The time recorded is among the fastest times ever recorded by Jamaican School boys. It is even greater to note that in Olympians like Yohan Blake and Nickel  Ashmeade have passed through these championships and for Richard Dixon to be the Record holder then this is quite an achievement.


Richard Dixon is one of the keyed sponsored atthlete by the New York Chapter of the Alumni Association who has provided sneakers , spikes and running Gears for the DInthill track team. He is a member of the Penn Relay team that visited us last year that was sponsored by the New York Chapter of the alumni association and will again be competing this year in the Penn Relay.


As a result of this incredible run of 20.70 seconds , Richard  Dixon will be in the Digicel Grand Prix Final that will Run on Saturday March 11th .

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