The New York Chapter of Dinthill Technical High School alumni association is working with Dinthill to reestablish a pump to supply water from the river to the farm and other surrounding areas at the school. The initial scoping of this project was in the realm of US$5,000. After further assessment and the need of piping and increase in capacity of the pump this project as ballooned into way over US$30,000. We are trying to right size this project in the most cost-effective way so that it can be feasible for us to fund.

The key benefits to be derived from this project is to make the farm viable and for Dinthill to have usable water in areas that it is mostly needed by tapping into a natural source that we have, the river.

In general, it must be noted that while our fundraising activities are geared toward these projects. We are always open to creative and practical fund-raising ideas that you may wish to lead us on. Needless to say, we will greatly appreciate any contributions toward these key infrastructure initiatives.You will soon be able to donate to this project